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"I would like to share an update about my status. As of today, I have started my PhD research at Memorial University of Newfoundland, in Canada. I will be focusing on ship hull optimization in terms of maneuverability using CFD. I was found eligible thanks to the strong CFD background that the master provided me with. Thank you very much for your immense support during my master. And if there is any assistance required from my side regarding sharing my master experience at Emship weeks, I would be pleased to join."
Posted on November 23, 2023
Sara Echeverry
G. D. Tech
"EMship gave me the oportunity to broaden my aspirations in the engineering industry world wide. Also the cultural experience is no doubts very enriching"
Posted on April 2, 2024
Andrii Pischchanskyi
"The programme gives an insight into European maritime industry, its current challenges and goals. It was a pleasure to undertake various academic challenges, to travel, to get to know great people and to make friends around the world. The obtained degrees is an admission to EU labour market."
Posted on April 2, 2024