EMship Alumni Association

Our mission is about reaching, serving, and engaging EMship alumni and students. To foster relationships by organising and updating alumni of the events near you and online.

While the EMship alumni have continued to stay connected via social networking groups since its inception in 2011, during EMship week 2023 at Rostock, under the guidance of Prof. Evert Lataier, Prof. Philippe Rigo and in collaboration with M90 5th Cohort alumni Akula Nidarshan, it was decided to form a formal Alumni association with the aim to build communities, connect alumni, inspire curiosity and make a difference….   

With that in mind, we have launched the EMship corporate programme to connect EMship entrepreneurs, AlumPro Talk, where alumni can inspire other alumni by sharing details of projects and research works they are working on, EMship Mentor programme to initiate the exchange of ideas between the experienced alumni to help foster younger, more enthusiastic talent….    

At the core of it, we want to enhance the Alumni Life through integration, innovation, and fun…

Executive Board | EMship Alumni Association


Evert Lataire

Current Co-ordinator EMship+

Advisor | Alumni Association

graduation_ceremony_25_02_2015_9_20150414_1495667819-scaled 2

Philippe Rigo

Founding Co-ordinator EMship(+)

Advisor | Alumni Association

527_KAMOL ROY_arghya

Arghya Kamol Roy

M120 | 6th Cohort

EMship EMA Representative

Akula N. - Profile Photo

Nidarshan Akula

M90 | 5th Cohort

President | Alumni Association

At the alumni association, we aim to collaborate and grow, thus we always welcome more and more alumni to take active participation in the association’s day-to-day working and join the executive board.

We welcome you to contact us and be part of the growing community.