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Are you a EMship graduate who owns a business?

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Are you a EMship graduate who wants to support alumni-owned businesses?

The EMship Corporate Network

…is a new way for alumni to connect their services with other EMship alumni.

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We welcome alumni and alumni-owned businesses to submit their information to this exclusive network.


We have noticed that today, more and more EMshippers are opting route of entrepreneurship and succeeding beyond borders. But we also notice that there is a knowledge gap or lack of awareness within the alumni with regard to such ventures.

Today, finding EMshipper-owned/operated businesses around the world just got a whole lot easier.

The EMship Corporate programme offers a global directory to connect EMship alumni offering services that might be of interest for alumni and the respective organisations they work with.

The more EMshippers will use the EMship Corporate programme, the more useful it will be. Another potential benefit for the business owners who sign up: a deeper connection to the EMship community.

Want to learn more about businesses owned and managed by fellow EMshippers.

The directory and more details of the programme will be published soon, In the meantime feel free to Contact us to learn more about how to join the EMship Corporate program and gain access to the corporate members-only section and connect with fellow industry members to catapult your professional network.