EMship Week

Organised in a different country every year, EMship Week is a tradition as old as EMship itself. The week that brings together everything and everyone who has been part of the EMship experience…

A reunion of the current students, alumni, professors, and partners, both academic and industrial.

Experience and Experiments…

While the alumni share their experiences during and after EMship studies, the current students get to select their internships and master thesis topics that will follow.

Industry and Innovation….

The academic members and the industrial partners come together to exchange ideas and formulate strategies to adapt and reshape EMship program to keep pace with the rapidly evolving industrial demands.

Diplomas, drinks and dinners….

At its core, the week is about celebrating the graduating students, who present the results of their thesis. While the best ones are recognised and awarded the EMship awards, all graduating students are awarded their diplomas as they embark on the new journey as EMship Alumni.

EMship Days (more like Weekends)

While EMship week is organised by the EMship administration, looking at its success and keen interest presented by many EMship alumni, the alumni association plans to organise EMship days/weekends. Unlike EMship week, these weekends would be more about casual networking over beers and BBQ. In the past through personal initiatives of some of the alumni, such weekends have been organised in Hamburg (DE), Rotterdam and Utrecht (NL), Paris and Nantes (FR), Liege and Antwerp (BE).

In future, you will be able to find more details of these reunions and events on our Events calendar.