Pay It Forward

Your generosity fuels EMship’s future.

During the transition from EMship M90 to the M120 program, EMship did not receive a full scholarship from the Erasmus program. During that time with the generosity of EMship alumni funds were raised to support incoming EMship students who needed financial support to pursue their dream of joining the EMship alumni legacy. Witnessing the success of the informal alumni support, we have decided to provide organised ways to establish EMship Alumni Pay-it-forward initiative. 



Pay-it-forward is NOT just a financial support initiative. There are so many ways you can support our students and make a lasting impact. We’ll work with you to explore opportunities and help you find the best option.


Cash and pledge gifts 

With a cash (wire transfer) gift to EMship, you allow us to use your gift for the support of incoming students without scholarships. With a pledge, you can make a big impact and have the flexibility to make payments over time.


Matching gifts

You can double and even triple your gift to EMship through your employer’s matching gift program. Many employers will match charitable contributions or volunteer hours made by their employees.

You may also request matching gift contributions from your employer and connect them to EMship administration. We’ll take it from there!


Internships, Workshops and EMship Mentor Program

Today, the students are more and more keen towards starting a voluntary internship during their holidays. Many of them want to explore more than just the thesis-linked internship. We encourage you to join our newly developed EMship Mentor programme wherein you can volunteer to mentor a current EMship student, to guide them on the ins and outs of the industry and how they can better prepare for their dream job and the interviews. 

Students are always keen on attending short workshops, if you are in a position to invite the current EMship students to attend workshops in your organisation or if you are willing to participate in the academic program of  EMship and provide lectures or conduct workshops at the university campus, you can always reach out to us and express your interest through the contact form. Depending on your location and availability, the alumni team along with the academic co-ordinator of said campus we can organise the workshops and networking opportunities.