PhD - ICAM - Response of orthotropic panel - Underwater explosion

at ICAM Nantes
Published on June 17, 2024

ICAM, Nantes, France is looking for a motivated researcher for PhD in the field of Experimental, numerical and analytical studies of the response of orthotropic panels subjected to underwater explosion.

Due to the confidential nature of the research work (French Navy), the candidate must be of European, Britsh or Swiss nationality.

Context and Objective
Underwater explosions present a serious threat to military and civilian vessels and must be thoroughly understood. This involves complex physical phenomena such as fluid-structure interactions, shock wave propagation, cavitation and so on. Currently, the behavior of structures under such loading is simulated using nonlinear finite element analysis (FEA), for instance, Abaqus or LS-Dyna, coupled with a dedicated fluid solver such as USA (Underwater Shock Analysis). However, these simulations are extremely time-consuming and require a high level of expertise in modelling . In this context, a reliable and rapid tool based on analytical formulations is required to facilitate the preliminary design phases that usually involve several case studies.

Within the scope of the French projects called SUCCESS and SUCCESS+, Sone Oo and Le Sourne (ICAM/GeM) have developed a semi-analytical solver to simulate the dynamic response of composite plates and cylinders subjected to far-field underwater explosions. The fluid-structure interaction is considered through the Doubly-Asymptotic Approximation (DAA) proposed by Geers. Nevertheless, the action of bulk cavitation has not been accounted for in the modelling. There have been a few analytical studies related to the effect
of cavitation on the structural response but existing models are limited to deformable circular plates or rigid rectangular panels.
The main objective of this PhD thesis is to understand the behaviour of cavitation and its effect on the fluid-structure interaction induced by a far-field explosion. Upon gaining insights through experiments and numerical simulations, it is intended to propose an
analytical model to predict the dynamic response of the hull panel of a ship subjected to an underwater explosion with cavitation. This model will then be implemented in the existing semi-analytical solver.

Deadline : 14 August
Location : Nantes, France

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